WHY $ $800.00

Purchase System Only for:  $400.00

Purchase System & Jacket for: $ $800.00


  • The L.E.D. system transmitter has a processor in it that is programmable, just like your smart phone or home computer.

  • The L.E.D. system transmitter uses code to communicate to the controller/receiver. Just like your smart phone or home computer.

  • This technology allows for many advantages that are described below.

  • This System is all Software driven! The System boards communicate using the 900MHz bandwidth and talks to each other on the Nano second level.

  • The 900MHz bandwidth was chosen for further increased range, reduced traffic from consumer electronics, and fewer reflection problems over 2.4GHz that are copycat competitors use.

  • This allows hundreds of riders wearing our system to ride together and never turn on each other’s lights, unlike the copycat companies that saw us in Daytona in 2013.

  • The entire system was designed to maximize efficiency and light intensity. It automatically enters low power modes and shuts down when needed.

  • It has the latest high power, high efficiency LED lights from the leading LED manufacturer in the world (CREE).

  • It has very high quality optics which evenly distributes light where it’s needed. (i.e.) No wasted light or bright/dim spots.

  • Many wireless technics (Frequency hopping, Time Synchronization, uniquely shifting transmission delays, minimizing transmit power, and maximizing reception) prevent interference when large groups of riders are close to each other.

  • The battery size was chosen to pass the “Gas Station Test”. (i.e.) You can find replacements at a gas station. So if you forgot to charge the ones that come with it, you can still use Alkaline (non-rechargeable) batteries.

  • The battery chemistry performs better than Lithium, especially in cold weather (where this jacket will likely to be used). These batteries are not exothermic, so in an accident, there is no worry of catching fire like a Lithium battery. They have four times the usable cycles compared to a Lithium battery pack.  Replacement batteries are easily purchased. They are low self-discharge and retain 90% of their capacity over a year.

  • The charger is separate from the jacket, so you can charge one set of batteries while using your jacket. Built in chargers require that the jacket stay near the charging source.

  • The external antennas give a range of over 200 feet, this means you can leave your motorcycle and still receive signal if you have an emergency situation and need your emergency flashers on.

  • Using the controller/receiver, the rider can disable the brake light if a passenger gets on to ride, so the passenger is not blinded by the extreme intensity of our LED lights.

  • Using the controller/receiver, the rider can sync up to another bike, if you have two motorcycles that are equipped with the N.R.J. system. Or if a passenger gets on to ride, the sync button can be used to make the passengers jacket become the Beacon Jacket.

  • The L.E.D. Technology is all software driven; this allows us to control all functions of the components. We can adjust thebrightness of our LED lights. This allows the ability to control the power consumption.

  • Custom wireless communications protocol minimizes latency. This allows for rapid response from our LED lights once the signal has been sent from the transmitter. There is no delay, and no pre-illumination that can occur using other methods.

  • Battery level indicator with automatic low-level shutdown ability.

  • Ruggedized electronics potted in epoxy for protection.

  • And finally the GEN-2 N.R.J. meets or exceeds all F.C.C. requirements.

  • These are just a few highlights of the L.E.D. system, for more details, please call us and we will answer all of your questions or concerns!






Gary Stone - $5,000.00

Sharon Leiser - $5,000.00

Anonymous – $20,000.00


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