It’s no coincidence that the things that we do that give us the greatest feeling of excitement and pleasure, the things that give us an absolute thrill every time we do it, no matter how many times we do it, also brings with it, the highest risk of putting ourselves and maybe our loved ones in danger of bodily injury and maybe even death. Most of us know someone that has been killed when they were out riding and enjoying them selves.  I personally have two friends that are both missing a leg when they were each struck by a car.  It gives you a sick feeling in your stomach and bad thoughts pass through your mind when you pass by an accident scene and see a bike down on its side and a body lying in the road with a blanket over the rider!

Our intention here is not to try to scare you into why you should wear the N.R.J., but instead to show you why you should wear one. Keep in mind that it is all about (4) things?

Visibility = Distance = Reaction Time = Stopping Time!

(Visibility) – The point and time a driver in a vehicle first sees you.


(Distance) – The amount of space between the vehicle and you when the driver first sees you.


(Reaction Time) – The moment the driver of the vehicle begins to send the signal from the brain and then to the foot, and start the body in motion to apply the brake.


(Stopping Time) – The amount of time it takes for the vehicle to actually come to complete stop after the brakes have been applied.

 By wearing the N.R.J., you greatly increase your  (Visibility – Distance – Reaction Time – Stopping Time).  So we are going to supply you with some facts!


It is the Mission of Leading Evolutionary Designs to help keep the riders of the motorcycle world Safer! If you add the Nite Rydar Jacket as one of your components to safer riding, we believe here at L.E.D. that it just might save your life someday! Especially during night time riding hours when it is the most dangerous time to ride your scooter?




Gary Stone - $5,000.00

Sharon Leiser - $5,000.00

Anonymous – $20,000.00


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